The best meteor shower to see in November 2020

Keep an eye on the sky. Two beautiful meat teas – Northern Tordis AND Leonidas – In the next two weeks, the sky will rise, shooting stars in the night sky.

Here’s a look at these November meteor showers, the best time to see them and how active they will be.

North torrid meter shower

When: O Shower with north torrid meter It appeared in late October and will continue every night until December 10, according to American Meter Society. Its peak period will be from 12 noon on Wednesday, November 11, to Thursday, November 12 in the morning, when the moon is about 15% full.

How active: This shower meter typically produces only five to 10 shooting stars per hour, in the darkest places. But astronomers say the shower is important because it produces Bright fireballs. Therefore, it is important to observe its properties and not its quantity.

Curiosities: O Torrids took his name Star Taurus

Leonid shower

When: Yearly Leonid shower It appeared on November 6 and will continue until November 30. Its peak period will be during the night of Monday, November 16, to Tuesday, November 17, when the moon is only 5% full.

How active: This shower meter normally produces 15 meters per hour.

Curiosities: “The shower is called Leonidas because it is luminous, or a point in the sky where it appears to emerge separately, it is in Lao Jish,” he says. Date and time point.

Experts say you don’t need binoculars or binoculars to see a meteor shower. But you should try to find a dark place to improve your chances.Johnny Lindner | ਪਿਕਸ਼ਾਬੇ

Tips for viewing the rain gauge

  • If you want to see a shooting star, experts say you should find a dark place – as much as possible with street lights and bright city lights. Try going to a park or open field with a good view of the sky.
  • You don’t need any special equipment, like binoculars or binoculars. Astronomers say you only need one pair of eyes, but you must give them 20 minutes to adjust to the darkness before looking for meters to shoot into the sky.
  • If you have a blanket or a garden chair, you can sleep and look directly at the night sky. Experts say it is better to look at the whole sky, not just the tip of the rain.
  • If the moon is brightly lit, wait until it sinks into the sky or look as far as possible from the moonlight.
  • Experts say the best time to look for rain is usually between midnight and early morning. It is when the rain meter reaches its peak, producing the largest number of shooting stars per hour.

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