Review of Apple’s mini iPhone 12: only for fans of small phones

And I’ll be honest: “very little” was a major concern for me when entering this review. When I tried the iPhone SE earlier this year, I found its 4.7-inch screen difficult to adjust after years of analyzing huge smartphones. Typing, in particular, was a pain at first, as I had to relearn typing on such a small screen. Fortunately, none of this was true with the 12 mini. There is a learning curve, to be sure, but nothing outrageous.

As a small convert to phones, I can’t overstate how much I like the iPhone 12 mini – it strikes a good balance between size and performance. But I can’t pretend you don’t have your problems, the biggest of which you’ve probably seen coming. In short, the battery life of the iPhone 12 mini is adequate, at best, and that’s very generous. It is absolutely the type of phone you will have to charge every night, if not before.

I said before that I spend almost all of my time at home, but not everyone can do that. Perhaps you are an essential worker who still needs to work every day. Perhaps you live in a place where you feel safe to spend a lot of time away from home. Or maybe you sometimes need to travel somewhere.

It was me recently, and I spent most of that day of travel wondering if the phone would last until night. For sure, on my first day of using the 12 mini as my daily driver, I took it out of the charger at 8 am and it was in its last stretches at 4 pm. You see, iOS reported about seven hours of screen on, but I wasn’t doing anything crazy like watching videos or playing games; it was all going to hell on Safari and Twitter, with some Spotify songs and podcasts to keep me sane.

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