New COVID-19 cases in Ontario exceed 1,000

TORONTO – Ontario registered more than 1,000 new cases of COVID-19 for the second time in a week on Saturday, days after politicians and health officials indicated that the number of provincial cases was starting to decline.

The 1,015 new diagnoses recorded in the past 24 hours marked the second highest daily count recorded in the province in the seven months since the global pandemic hit high speed. Ontario also recorded nine new deaths related to the new coronavirus.

Most of the new cases remained concentrated in the four regions long identified as foci of infection. Provincial figures show that 325 of the most recent cases were reported in Toronto, 282 in neighboring Peel, 88 in the York area north of the city and 94 in Ottawa.

The upward trend in numbers comes days after health officials released new projections for the outlook for the virus and said the province is likely to be going in the right direction, despite the numbers that remained high last week.

“Although the current increase in cases is worrying, the numbers in the case count fluctuate and a single day does not indicate a trend for better or worse,” health ministry spokesman David Jensen said in an email to the press Canadian.

Authorities predicted that Ontario would likely settle for a range of 800 to 1,200 new daily cases in the coming weeks.

“Most indicators are showing slow growth in COVID-19 cases, the trajectory appears to be moving away from the worst case, but cases continue to rise,” said Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University from Toronto and one of the people who helped guide the analysis.

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“So it’s not that we peaked and now we’re going back to the other side of the epidemic curve – we’re just reaching a period of slower growth within that curve.”

Saturday’s total was the second highest recorded since the pandemic began in March, eclipsed only by the 1,042 cases recorded the previous Sunday.

Still, Ford said on Friday that it is considering suspending some of the regulations aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19 at critical points, including Ottawa, Toronto, Peel and York.

The 28-day restrictions closed gyms and banned meals in restaurants and bars, angering the business community, which complained that the closure is killing its companies.

Ford insisted that the closings were the right thing to do.

The province is still far from getting rid of the virus and hospitals remain under siege from outbreaks.

Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto declared an outbreak on Friday at its 9 South inpatient unit after two active cases were identified there.

Scarborough Health Network was also battling the virus with outbreaks in four units earlier in the week.

The network said it was preparing for more cases as outbreaks evolve.

Saturday’s figures showed that 320 people in the province are being treated at the hospital, 73 of them in intensive care and 54 on ventilators.

Of the 320 hospitalizations, six occurred on the last day.

The figures the province released on Saturday are based on more than 41,900 tests completed in the past 24 hours and also reveal that the province has resolved 798 more cases.

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The new data brings Ontario’s death toll to 3,136 victims and means that 64,717 out of 75,730 cases have been resolved.

The latest numbers of COVID-19 cases confirmed in Canada as of 4:22 pm EDT on October 31, 2020:

There are 234,511 confirmed cases in Canada.

– Quebec: 106,016 confirmed (including 6,246 deaths, 90,576 resolved)

– Ontario: 75,730 confirmed (including 3,136 deaths, 64,717 resolved)

– Alberta: 27,664 confirmed (including 323 deaths, 22,169 resolved)

– British Columbia: 14,381 confirmed (including 263 deaths, 11,670 resolved)

– Manitoba: 5,723 confirmed (including 67 deaths, 2,646 resolved)

– Saskatchewan: 3,144 confirmed (including 25 deaths, 2,380 resolved)

– Nova Scotia: 1,109 confirmed (including 65 deaths, 1,033 resolved)

– New Brunswick: 343 confirmed (including 6 deaths, 299 resolved)

– Newfoundland and Labrador: 291 confirmed (including 4 deaths, 284 resolved), 1 presumptive

– Prince Edward Island: 64 confirmed (including 64 resolved)

– Yukon: 23 confirmed (including 1 death, 17 resolved)

– Returned Canadians: 13 confirmed (including 13 resolved)

– Northwest Territories: 9 confirmed (including 8 resolved)

– Nunavut: No confirmed cases

– Total: 234,511 (1 presumptive, 234,510 confirmed including 10,136 deaths, 195,876 resolved)

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