Mars Rover Landing coming, see how to enjoy everything

It won’t be long now until the most ambitious human mission to the Red Planet gets there. The Perseverance rover is on track to make a perfect landing at the Jezero Crater in February 2021, and NASA is planning to make it a spectacle.

As many of its efforts now aim to please civilians and give them a sense of participation in all things extraterrestrial, NASA this week launched what it calls the Landing Toolkit for the mission. It comprises practically everything needed for the experience of watching the landing and making it memorable, from posters to challenges.

Comprehensive coverage of Perseverance The rover includes everything from the interactive virtual launch package, a 3D model of the rover, stickers, posters and more. You can find them all by accessing this link.

In addition to this resource pack, NASA wants people to be a part of it all, so it created a see online disembarkation guide, complete with the calendar of upcoming events.

Perseverance is scheduled to land on Mars on February 8, with Mission Control broadcast scheduled to begin at 11:15 am PST / 2:15 pm EST. From that moment, we have the promise of daily news and images of Mars on a specially created website Internet network location.

Perseverance is based on the same platform as the Curiosity Wanderer. Developed by JPL’s Mars Science Laboratory, it is the size of a car and contains a wide variety of instruments for exploring the neighboring planet.

As the first of its kind to achieve long-term goals, the rover will look for signs of life, track natural resources and hazards, assess the habitability of the environment and even try to generate oxygen in what is the first attempt that humans have ever made. terraforming another planet.

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It also collects and stores rock samples in canisters placed in strategic areas, for a future mission to collect and bring them to Earth.

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