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Launched in July last year, NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover is now just a few weeks away from completing the crucial first leg of its mission – landing on the planet’s desolate red-rusted surface. The project is one of the space agency’s most ambitious projects to date, as it should help pave the way for future human expeditions to Mars.

The numbers involved in the NASA mission almost defy understanding – the spacecraft that carries the rover has already traveled 80.03 million miles (128 million km).

This involved the spacecraft’s precious cargo traveling through space at average speeds (relative to the Sun) of 51,739 mph (83,265km / h).

But the spacecraft’s journey is fast approaching its destination, with ‘mere’ 6.32 million miles (10.17 million km) remaining as of Sunday, January 3.

In order to prepare the public for this historic moment in space exploration, NASA created a interactive website where you can track the progress of Perseverance in real time.

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How will the Perseverance rover land on Mars?

The Perseverance rover mission will use the latest technology to maximize your chances of successfully descending and landing at the Jezero crater.

Like the precursor to Perseverance, the Curiosity rover, the latter probe will use a guided entry, descent and landing system.

This will make use of a parachute, descent vehicle and an approach called a ‘skycrane maneuver’ to lower the rover onto a rope to the surface during the final seconds before landing.

NASA said: “This type of landing system offers the ability to land a very large and heavy rover on the surface of Mars in a more accurate landing area than was possible before the Curiosity landed.

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NASA said in a statement: “Perseverance will also test technologies to help pave the way for future human exploration of Mars.

“Stuck in the belly of the rover for the trip to Mars is a demonstration of technology – the Mars Helicopter, Ingenuity, can achieve a ‘moment of the Wright brothers’ by testing the first motorized flight on the Red Planet.

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“The mission helps pave the way for future human expeditions to Mars in a variety of ways and demonstrates technologies that can be used in these ventures.

“This includes testing a method to produce oxygen from the Martian atmosphere, identifying other resources (such as groundwater), improving landing techniques and characterizing the climate, dust and other potential environmental conditions that can affect future astronauts who live and work on Mars . “

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