IPhone 11 touch screen issues get a free repair program

Given the nature and design of smartphones, the touch screen is one of, if not the most important part of the phone, at least for users. When it goes wrong, the phone can become quite useless, turning into an expensive paperweight, especially if it is an expensive iPhone. Fortunately, Apple, from time to time, recognizes that it is not the user’s fault and starts a program to repair or replace defective screens at no extra cost, just like this new program for a specific batch of iPhone 11 units.

There were some complaints about the iPhone 11 screen after its launch last year, but some were less serious than others. Some reports last June the fact that the screen has a green tint was probably an annoyance at worst, at least compared to what actually affects the screen’s functionality. It turns out that some users realized that the screen did not respond to the touch, making the full-screen phone somewhat useless.

Apple acknowledged that such a problem exists and that it is the fault of a defective display module. Of course, it also says that only a small percentage of iPhone 11 units exhibit this behavior. Given that there was not much ado about this critical flaw, we will accept Apple’s word on it.

Not all iPhone 11 models are affected by these touch issues and Apple will only accept those manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020 in the repair program. Of course, users will not know this right away, so Apple has included a small web-based utility to verify that you are qualified. If so, you will have to go through the usual authorized service channels.

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O IPhone 11 screen module repair it is free and those who have already paid for repairs before this program can request a refund. That said, Apple notes that if the iPhone 11 shows damage other than touch, the owner may have to pay for it before the display module is repaired.

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