Infographic: What are the paths of Biden and Trump? | USA and Canada

With the election losing ground, what are the candidates’ paths to victory in the Electoral College?

To win the White House, a candidate must win at least 270 electoral votes, most of the 538 that are up for grabs in the 50 states, but not the popular vote.

Nearly 2.9 million people voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, but she lost.

President Donald Trump won because he prevailed at the Electoral College, under a system instituted in the United States Constitution and improved over the centuries.

Currently, the road to 270 looks increasingly difficult for Trump, although Democratic challenger Joe Biden looks set to win him over.

Biden’s way forward

Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign has a relatively easy and straightforward path ahead. Biden maintained the so-called “Blue Wall” in the Midwest, reversing Wisconsin from Trump’s victory in 2016.

Biden is also doing well in Arizona, a state that has not supported a Democratic presidential candidate since 1996.

With Arizona included, Biden has 264 votes at the Electoral College. If Arizona resists, it could beat any of the states not yet called a battleground, including Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Nevada.

Trump’s Way

Trump’s way forward is much more difficult.

Trump currently has 214 electoral votes. From Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada and Georgia, Trump must win at least three of those states.

If he wins three of those four, he will also need Pennsylvania.

Biden is currently leading the vote count in all of them, except in North Carolina.

Each state receives a different number of electoral votes, based on the number of deputies it has in the Chamber, plus its two senators.

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Trump is expected to be declared a winner in Alaska with three electoral votes, but that would not change his way up.

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