Did Nest Audio a month later fade?

One thing that many users really notice when using Google Home and Nest products is the difference in sound. Originally, it wasn’t the Google Home speakers Really intended to be a means of reproduction, but it has become one. This was clearly recognized by the great audio update from Nest Audio. I am regularly educated for reviews. “Would you still like that after the new toy’s shine is gone?” Today, a month later, we’ll take another quick look at Nest Audio.

The look is even better

One area where electronics continue to run out or become obsolete over time is appearance. In this case, the old Google Home speaker looks very outdated, with Nest Audio fitting into the configuration. It is a great consolidation of looks with which Home Mini, followed by Nest Mini, started. Google Home Max is one more step further, and since a $ 400 speaker is a niche, it’s a little irrelevant to this conversation, except for the unified look.

I’m still not convinced about the long-term viability of the material front – focused on the fact that I have two small carbon-based life forms in my home with sticky fingers – that keep looking for goods, but this is something that all again needs be reviewed in 12 months or more. The moment it fits More Settings than the older Google Home speaker with minimal additional space used by the device.

Does it sound great, maybe too good?

Probably the biggest focus for me and many other Nest Audio reviewers is good … the audio! Not just as a cross-generational comparison, but also as an independent smart speaker, it’s one of the best I’ve heard without spending a lot more money. In fact, I would even say it almost rivals my Sonos Play: 1 first generation in terms of audio output. There are limitations, and if you’re looking to take it a step further – as mentioned earlier – Home Max, which will probably be updated soon, or something like Sonos One is more to your liking.

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The smart parts

The Nest Audio Assistant is Google’s best delivery yet. This is mainly due to the combination of physical hardware (good quality remote field microphones) and Ambient IQ. Microphones make a big difference, as they can better identify your requests not only next to the speaker, but also from other areas of your home.

I found that even when there is significant noise – children, loud music, television, etc. – the success rate in triggering and retrieving the assistant’s orders is well ahead of previous generations. Ambient IQ also increases the volume of the assistant, if the noise around you is not from Nest Audio, enough so that you can hear what else is going on without the speaker being ridiculously loud.

So, the brightness has decreased?

The short answer is no, but I have a few questions for Google when they design the next Nest speaker.

The first is to have an Ethernet port for better and more consistent connectivity. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t heard “Wait a minute while I’m connected to Wi-Fi” when trying to perform a task on your Google Home or Nest speakers.

The second is a power supply that does not occupy two ports on a power supply board or partially blocks the second port on a wall. This is just a small convenience factor to minimize the impact on other electronic devices in the home. Both wishes are not necessary, but a little polishing for an already very good product.

A month later, Nest Audio still impresses me with how far it has progressed as a generation development. The sound is very good, the Assistant has evolved and it seems to be fine. Whether you are starting your smart home or looking to upgrade your existing smart speakers, I firmly believe that the $ 149.00 investment is worth it.

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