COVID-19: Over 100 ICU patients like Alberta set a new single-day record with 1,879 new cases

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Alberta Health spokesman Tom McMillan said in an email that the current rate should be of concern to all Alberta residents.

“It is essential that the positivity rate is reduced,” he said. “This is one of the measures that is being monitored closely.”

McMillan said Alberta’s positivity rate peaked during the spring of 7.5 percent on April 23 and dropped to 5.16 percent the next day. The rate remained below 3% from May 3 to October 20.

On November 22, Premier Jason Kenney declared a public health emergency and brought more drastic measures in an attempt to reduce the transmission rate. Kenney said that reducing the R value below one is the “absolute minimum metric target” that must be reached by December 15.

“Ideally, we would like to see it reach 0.8 percent, but if we start moving it to less than one, we will know that we have started to bend the curve effectively,” he said.

Kenney accessed Twitter on Saturday to express his disappointment at a mass meeting that took place in Calgary after health officials asked Albertans not to meet this weekend.

“It is irresponsible to gather a large number, especially at this point in the pandemic,” tweeted Kenney. “This shows a contempt for health professionals and the vulnerable. There are many ways to protest (government) policies without risking viral spread. “

He said Canadians have rights that are protected, but citizens must also be responsible.

Edmonton Ward 1 Coun. Andrew Knack also expressed frustration on Twitter at the current situation in the province. He said he is furious because the Albertans are dying needlessly.

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“I don’t understand why dealing with this virus properly is not the sole focus of the provincial government,” he tweeted. “Nobody wants to see this daily list of deaths of our elderly people who gave so much to build our city, province and country. While the best time to act has been in the past, the next best time to take appropriate action is now. “

Across Canada, there are 69,977 active cases and 12,496 COVID-19-related deaths on Friday.

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