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Saturday Night Live returned this week with an open cold with a coronavirus vaccination – and now playing Joe Biden after Jim Carrey left the role.

The scene begins with American Vice President Mike Pence, played by Beck Bennett, about to get the vaccine.

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“I’m sure all Americans are excited to see me, the guy who let COVID spread everywhere, get one of the first vaccines,” he said, revealing that US President Donald Trump sent him as a ” human shield ”to try the vaccine first.

Pence then lowers his pants for the shot, but is disappointed to hear that it is administered in the arm.

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“I didn’t feel anything,” he said after the shot. “No, I meant that in the past four years I have felt nothing. I just watched the country burn. “

SNL presents Dr. Fauci, Birx speaking to CNN about the launch of the coronavirus vaccine

SNL presents Dr. Fauci, Birx speaking to CNN about the launch of the coronavirus vaccine – December 12, 2020

Soon, Kamala Harris, played by Maya Rudolph, enters, followed soon after by the elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, now played by Alex Moffat.

SNL revealed Saturday that Jim Carrey will no longer play Biden in his days in office.

“Although my term was to last only six weeks, I was thrilled to be elected president of SNL … the biggest call to comedy duty,” said Carrey on Twitter. “I would love to move on knowing that Biden was the winner because I got this shit right. But I’m just one in a long line of proud, fighting SNL Bidens! “

Carrey played Biden in six episodes.

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Moffat’s Biden made a dramatic entrance on the scene, limping with a Willy Wonka cane, only to give up and somersault.

“You look different in some way,” commented Pence, watching the change of actors.

As if the party were not crowded, Rudy Guiliani, played by Kate McKinnon, appears in search of free medication, followed soon after by Dr. Ben Carson, played by Jay Pharoah, asking what he did for his work.

“I have been sitting in a dark office for the past four years,” he said. “I want to put it on my resume.”

Carson is the Secretary for Housing and Urban Development.

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