Brazil forces Apple to sell iPhone 12 with chargers

Apple recently launched its new iPhone 12 and for the first time in the company’s history it decided not to include a power adapter in the package, citing environmental reasons for the move. Despite its alleged justification, the Brazilian The government is not convinced and has now ordered the tech giant to include chargers in all sales of the iPhone 12 in the state of São Paulo.

According to reports, the state government questioned Apple about the real environmental benefits of not including a power adapter and demanded that the company prove that its omission would not harm consumers. Apple responded by arguing that most consumers already had chargers and that not including new ones in the iPhone 12 package would reduce carbon emissions. However, the Brazilian government was not impressed with the response and considered the power adapter an essential component for the use of the telephone, so sales without it would violate the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code.

In light of the decision, the state of São Paulo now requires Apple to sell iPhone 12 models with included power adapters, whose failure will result in a fine. At the same time, Brazil will seek to adopt this decision nationwide.

In other Apple-related news, the company is offering to fix its faulty iPhone 11 screen for free.

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