Biden predicts “clear” victory as leadership in key states grows, Trump continues to claim electoral fraud

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  • Biden addresses the nation, confident of victory and a call for unity.
  • Biden extends the lead in Georgia overnight as the count continues.
  • The polling station’s vote is 253 for Biden, 214 for Trump.
  • Legal procedures for Trump’s votes are just beginning.
  • The election observer says there is no evidence for Trump’s allegations of fraud.
  • See who it is win or lead for electoral college votes.
  • How the electoral college determines who wins the US presidency.
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Four days after the U.S. presidential election, counting votes in a handful of critical states appears to bring Democrat Joe Biden ever closer to a victory over President Donald Trump, who continues to claim electoral fraud.

The delay in announcing a winner can be attributed to high participation, a large number of ballots in the mail and narrow margins between candidates. Biden had leadership in Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia, which put him in an increasingly strong position to get the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House.

But in those states – as well as in North Carolina, where Trump leads Biden by about 76,000 votes – the margins have been very narrow and the number of ballots remaining to be counted is too large to declare a winner in jurisdictions with a winner taking it all system.

Biden’s leadership continued to expand early Saturday in Georgia, by just over 7,200 votes – with the count almost 99 percent completed – against an advantage of around 4,000 on Friday afternoon. With such a narrow margin, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Friday that the ballots will undergo a recount.

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WATCH | Georgia follows for recount with a slight vote margin:

Joe Biden ended Friday with a minimal margin on Donald Trump in Georgia and the state is already heading towards a recount. 02:28

The leadership of the Biden polling station currently ranges from 253 to 214. He had more than 74 million votes against Trump’s nearly 70 million on Friday night.

There was an intense focus in Pennsylvania, where Biden led Trump by more than 28,000 votes, and in Nevada, where Biden rose by about 22,000. The prolonged wait has added to the anxiety of a nation facing historic challenges, including the growing coronavirus pandemic and deep political polarization.

Biden says counting ‘can be mind-numbing’

When Biden spoke to the nation on Friday night near his home in Wilmington, Del., He acknowledged that the slow pace of counting “can be numbing.” But he said, “Never forget that accounts are not just numbers: they represent votes and voters.”

WATCH | ‘We will win this race’, says Biden:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says his campaign is on track to victory as his advantage over Donald Trump increases. 2:32

He expressed confidence that the victory would be his. “The numbers tell us a clear and convincing story: we are going to win this race,” said the former vice president.

Along with running mate Kamala Harris, Biden was unable to deliver the acceptance speech at the time his advisers expected. But it hit unit notes, apparently with the aim of cooling the temperature of a heated and divided nation.

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“We have to remember that the purpose of our policy is not a relentless and never-ending total war,” he said. “No, the purpose of our policy, the job of our nation, is not to fan the flames of conflict, but to solve problems, guarantee justice, give everyone a fair chance.”

Trump takes to Twitter

Trump remained out of sight at the White House on Friday as the results gradually expanded Biden’s leadership in Pennsylvania, where 20 electoral college votes are up for grabs.

On Saturday, he tweeted more baseless allegations of electoral fraud and illegal voting, posting a series of tweets alleging a lack of monitoring of votes in Pennsylvania.

He also logged on to Twitter on Friday night to promise new legal actions, tweeting that “Joe Biden should not unduly claim the position of president. I could also make that claim. The lawsuits are starting now!”

Election officials in the battlefield states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada – both Republicans and Democrats – said they saw no widespread voting irregularities or great examples of fraud or illegal activity.

Even the Trump administration itself rejected the allegations of widespread electoral fraud and illegal voting, not to mention that Trump was the one who made the accusations. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, which oversees US electoral security, also noted that local polling stations have detection measures that “make it very difficult to commit fraud using fake ballots”.

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Luzerne County workers receive the ballots that arrived after the poll closed until Friday at 5 pm and were posted until November 3, while the counting of votes in the US elections continued on Friday in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. (Mary Altaffer / The Associated Press)

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican and potential presidential candidate who frequently criticized Trump, said on Thursday that there was “no defense” for Trump’s comments on electoral fraud, which the governor said was “undermining our democratic process. “.

“America is counting the votes and we must respect the results as we have always done before,” said Hogan. He repeated the theme on Saturday, tweeting, saying “If there are legitimate challenges, we have a process; this is how it works.”

The Trump campaign involved a flurry of legal activity across all battlefield states. Judges in Georgia and Michigan quickly rejected Trump’s campaign processes on Thursday, undermining a legal campaign strategy to attack the integrity of the voting process in states where the result could mean Trump’s defeat.

On Friday night, Supreme Court judge Samuel Alito approved a request from the Republican Party ordering county councils to comply with Pennsylvania state guidelines to keep delayed ballots separate from those received before or on election day. Alito, however, did not order election officials to stop counting votes, as the Republicans had also sought.

Trump to fight ‘in all aspects of the law’

Trump promised to continue his legal fight on Friday, according to a statement released by the White House.

“We will follow this process in all aspects of the law to ensure that the American people have confidence in our government,” Trump said in a statement.

“I will never give up fighting for you and our nation.”

WATCH | Trump tries to use courts to insure the White House:

Trump’s mood is reportedly bad, as the vote count continues to lean towards his opponent. And as the states where he is losing multiply, legal strategies to contest or suspend the count become more difficult. 02:24

Trump tried to portray the slow vote count in the mail as fraudulent, which grew in popularity due to fear of exposure to the coronavirus through personal voting. As these ballots were counted, they eroded the strong initial leadership that the president had in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Protesters complaining about the closely watched vote count met outside the polling centers in Phoenix and Detroit on Friday.

About 200 Trump supporters gathered for the third consecutive day in front of the polling station in downtown Phoenix, where hundreds of workers are still processing and counting ballots.

WATCH | Arizona protesters echo Trump’s claims about ‘stolen election’:

Protesters outside a vote-counting center in Phoenix, Arizona, echoed US President Donald Trump’s baseless allegations that Democrats are stealing the election, even as Joe Biden’s leadership has shrunk in the state. 1:40

“Arrest election workers,” shouted the crowd, demanding that Trump’s presidency be renewed for “another four years.” Sheriffs’ deputies kept protesters in a “free speech” zone away from the building’s entrance.

In Philadelphia, two armed men were arrested Thursday near the convention center where an ongoing vote count was taking place, police said on Friday. Police said the men, who have not yet been identified, will be charged with firearm crimes.

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