Apple warns of new iPhone 12 update

Offers the new series of Apple iPhone 12 Really ballistic display But it comes in a Especially high cost Than You might like. And Apple has issued another warning to update users.

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Recently Supporting document Marked by Macroomers, Apple has quietly warned consumers that there are some significant pitfalls in its innovative new MagSafe wireless charging system, which goes beyond concerns Your weak magnets.

In the topic series at the end of the document, Apple magazine warned buyers of iPhone 12 series phones:

  • If your iPhone’s battery is “too hot”, say that charging is limited to 80% of capacity, increase heat and limit charging.
  • Magnetic tapes and RFID chips on credit cards, security badges, passports and key rings can damage the back of your iPhone and between the MagSafe charger. Apple a Mag Safe WalletSo be very careful.
  • It damages the leather covers used with chargers, leaving “circular seals”. There is similar damage in silicone cases Also reported A few days later, questions should also be asked about what this does to the glass backs of iPhone 12 models without a box over time.

The most obvious fear of accidentally erasing your credit cards is that the last point (which Apple writes in a small gray at the end of the support document) appears to be pressed evenly.

Replacing the damaged rear windows on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will cost 9,449 (up to $ 50 on iPhone 11) and 99,549, respectively. Yes, you can purchase Apple’s AppleCarePlus insurance policy (iPhone 12 – $ 7.99pm / $ 149 in advance; starting at $ 50.

And costs continue to rise from here. The same support document says “Your iPhone will charge less quickly [with MagSafe] When using a power adapter that provides less than 20 W ”. Apple never sold the 20 W charger with the previous iPhone and the chargers were removed (Ear pods) Then it will be Other $ 20.

Yes, there is a lot to like about MagSafe, and as third party tools grow, their potential will be enormous. Apple’s warnings about this are important and no one yet knows whether to upgrade to the iPhone 12 model, the second generation of Magsafe may want to see if it will be released with the iPhone 13 next year.

And what Apple has About the iPhone 13 has already been confirmed, Which is a very wise move.


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